Uganda: Killers plead guilty to manslaughter

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By Samuel Ouma |@journalist_27

Two men alleged to have murdered a motorist rider in Mengo, Kampala have confessed of having committed the act.

Appearing before Mengo Court Grade one Magistrate, the suspects identified as John Mugisha and his accomplice Patrick Sekyema admitted to having slain Derrick Mulindwa.

The culprits were arrested after police launched a manhunt following a video that went viral on social media showing the dreadful murder.  They were captured on a CCTV camera at the scene of the incident. In the footage, the duo first surveyed the area then left.

It was reported they posed as passengers, hired the deceased and when they reached the scene they ordered him to stop. They grabbed Mulindwa by the neck, strangled him, hit him with a blunt object before fleeing with his motorcycle leaving his lifeless boss on the spot.

On suspicion that they had stolen the motorbike, the public trailed them to Makindye in Kampala without knowledge about the death of the motorcycle rider. Mob landed on them with thorough beatings which attracted police attention. Police rescued Sekyema before admitting him to a nearby hospital for treatment where he managed to escape after a few days. He had sustained serious injuries. However, Mugisha was able to find his way out of the charged environment.

Kampala Metropolitan police had initially arrested three lookalike suspects linked to the massacre on public intelligence, but they were later released after actual killers were apprehended.

Before the arrest of John Mugisha according to police, he had been shown the video several times by people who likened him with the assailant in the footage but he denied.

The suspects are held in police custody pending further investigations waiting to be charged with murder.