Which way Africans?

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Africa is blessed with abundant resources (mineral and non-mineral) coupled with incredibly fertile land and undoubtedly, one of the friendliest people in the world. Ordinarily, Africa should have been a success story. Yet, many Africans are still living miserably poor, while their leaders are greedily stealing billions from the government with impunity and fearless alacrity. Silly enough, instead of using the stolen money (not that stealing from the government is encouraged) to develop their countries and create jobs and opportunities for the masses, these fastidious leaders instead, bank the ill-gotten fund in other countries, and thereby stimulating these foreign economies at the expense of the various African economies that desperately need economic stimulation.

The result: Many poor Africans like Useni try to make ends meet through different ways. Little wonder why Useni goes into magic “business.“ Yet, others have made mockery of religion by converting it into a business.

Which way Africans? Is it time to turn back the clock? How best can you change your destiny and earn respect from the rest of the world? Share your opinions on Kata Kata magazine.