Who is the Captain of that sinking ship?

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There is an adage that says that you cannot have two captains on a ship. Not really, that there cannot be two captains on a ship; after all, you always have more than one in a plane. You can have two captains, but they cannot command the ship at the same time. That makes sense because having two captains commanding a ship at the same time can lead to unnecessary confusion and perhaps havoc. You may have more than one captain, but normally only one mans the ship, while the rest assist the captain. That creates some degree of responsibility and accountability.

How does this transcend to the reality in Africa? Africa is like a ship – a sinking ship, if you like – without a clear, responsible or capable captain. A captain who does not have any knowledge of geography or navigation can hardly know the position of their ship, talk less knowing how best to navigate the ship to safety in the case of trouble, like mechanical problems, storm, tempest and other weather challenges. What does say about Africa’s state of affairs and the challenges facing the continent? Unqualified, irresponsible and incredibly corrupt leaders are either voted in or forced on the citizens. These leaders lack the basic leadership qualities to tackle the affairs of the state. They, therefore, either surround themselves with sycophant cronies to run the ship from behind for their personal aggrandizement or give the captain a wrong diagnosis. The results: An aimless ship in a zig-zag journey.

Africa is blessed with everything one can think of – from natural resources to potential manpower down to intelligent brains. Has it occurred to one why the continent is still lagging behind despite all the huge potentials? The only thing Africans need is the ability, willingness and determination to insist (I repeat “insist”) on having good leaders and co-captains to take the ship to a safe land of progress and hope.

Unless Africans do away with their mere incompetents and politically liability leaders and vigorously choose visionary leaders, as their captains, the ship of Africa will be battling the continent’s tempestuous sea. It is a question of time until the sinking ship reaches the abysmal depth of the sea.