Why the USA and Nigeria speak the same language and understand each other.

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Who could argue that the USA and Nigeria, the “giant of Africa” speak the same language? Hardly, anyone. Right? After all, they both speak English. Yes, the American and Nigerian English. So arguably, no one doubts whether Nigeria actually understood her US counterpart, when the world super-power recently imposed visa restrictions on Nigeria and five other countries, namely, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan and Tanzania. The USA cited the failure of the affected countries to meet US security and information-sharing standards, as the reason the ban.

It is an open secret that criminals and fraudster take advantage of Nigeria’s poor ID registration and ineffective civic date base to commit illegal acts. Some of these lawbreakers end up in the US and other countries, where they commit crimes. It becomes a security headache for law enforcement agents to track down these culprits with fake IDs. Logically, any security-conscious country would take adequate security precautions to make sure they have adequate knowledge, scrutiny, track and control of those entering its country. Hence, the reason why the USA placed the visa ban on those countries, it feels do not meet its security and information-sharing standards.

Arguably, believing it speaks the same language as the US, Nigeria has recently asked the USA to lift the visa ban on Nigeria. The unanswered question is: what has the “giant of Africa” done to believe the visa restrictions should be lifted?

If Nigeria cannot convince the USA it has met the America’s demanded security and information-sharing standards, then, Nigeria will have a hard time convincing many others it understands and speaks the same language as its ally the USA. Otherwise, there must be a communication breakdown somewhere.