Why You May Need a Therapist

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 Ironically, what makes life, which is enmeshed in problems, meaningful, is its ability to act as our teacher in the tempestuous journey of maturity. Problems are inevitable in life. We learn from them in order to make our lives worth living and purposeful. However, not everyone can cope with these inevitable problems in life. While some people can successfully take care of their life obstacles, others are overwhelmed by them. A good reason to go online and seek a therapist.

Cultural realities

However, you cannot decide to seek a therapy, if you do not believe you have problems. In some cultures – especially African – seeking a therapy is not only frowned upon but effectively discouraged. Going to a therapist (psychologist or psychiatrist) is often associated with mental illness and in most cases, the victim is anathematized or systematically excommunicated. The result: many people try to suppress their social problems to avoid the negative stigma from the culture. That should never be the case. Like every other individual, we all have ups and downs in our lives. We experience periods of stress, sorrow, grief, conflict, and sadness. In most cases, if these are not well and quickly handled, they could lead to a total breakdown or destruction of life. While psychiatric help can enable you to identify and manage diagnosable mental illness, a  psychologist can be valuable to you if you do not have a clear mental illness, yet your life is an epitome of problems. Sadly, not everyone agrees or knows they have problems that require a therapy. The question is, how exactly do you know you have a social problem? Being able to identify those social challenges facing you is tantamount to finding the most appropriate solution to them. You may need an urgent help if you are experiencing any of these in your life:

Change of the immune system; constant headaches, stomach-aches

Medically speaking, your mental state has much power and influence on your whole body. Mental stress can cause other physical ailments, including but not limited to a headache, stomach aches, neck pain, loss of appetite and sex urge, frequent colds etc. Initially, these ailments or medical problems might appear harmless, but they often say much about your mental state. You might need to look some therapeutic help.

Your friends are worried about you

Often when our lives are bogged down by social problems, we the victims hardly recognize that quickly or the effects they have on us. It is not unusual to hear friends telling you how concerned they are about you. This kind of comment from a friend is not something that should be taken negatively. Mostly, a friend who is worried about you is indeed a good friend; they want the best for you. So why must you feel offended by such a remark from them? You probably need to know why your friend is concerned about you. Do you look shabby of late? Are you mentally afar from others? Are you suddenly talking to yourself? Do you avoid social contact? Are you unnecessarily aggressive? Of course, a change of one’s lifestyle or behaviour does not happen without a reason. They are caused by social challenges. You need someone to talk to, seeking a therapy could do you enormous good.

Systematically disconnected from friends and family.

If you suddenly have lost joy and enthusiasm to have contact with friends or family, you may need some help. You will be doing yourself good to see a therapist, which could help you get some clarity, focus or a new direction aimed at a healthy life.

Damaged relationships

Clearly, social problems often cause a lot of damage to your relationships. In most cases, your communication, the nucleus for a successful relationship, is seriously affected. You may not only have trouble communicating your feelings, the quality of the communication itself might be strained. To achieve a better relationship, communication is absolutely a sine qua non. A good therapist will help you choose your words, frame your phrase better and work even on your body language. More than that, your attitude matters a lot. A good reason to consult a therapist, who will guide you and spice up your relationship as well as help you to win back your lost friends and friendship.

Negative effects on your work.

Not only your friends might quickly notice your recent change of state, your work might bear a clear signatory blueprint of your mental state. It should therefore not surprise you if your workers call your attention to the mess you have made at work. Your performance at work might drastically change – a clear magnification of both your emotional and psychological struggles in your everyday life. You are not only struggling with concentration, which is now divided, you are trying to keep up appearances. Receiving those negative feedbacks from your bosses could be a sign that you need some professional help.

Lost Interest in previously beloved activities.

You previously was a tennis addict; you loved playing football, hanging out on the weekends in a bar, taking a walk in the forest or on the beach. Suddenly, you have recently lost interest in those beloved activities. If you do, you need to ask yourself the big question: Why? It may be the right time to ask for a therapeutic help.

Memories of old traumas

Life is a product of ups and downs. Sometimes, we experience sad moments in our lives that they become very difficult for us to let go. Think of losing your child, wife, husband, friend, parents to the painful hands of death. What of other experiences like violence? In situations like this, it is advisable to talk to trusted individuals. They could be friends or colleagues. Go online and seek therapeutic help. Talking to a professional therapist could help you find the right focus and prevent you from being dragged down by your past bad experiences.

Seeking for an “alternative” help

Some individuals find solace in drinks, drugs, gambling, etc as a help to their problems. The reality is that those “alternative” helps could make you feel good and probably forget (yes, “forget” indeed) your problems temporarily, but they do not bring a solution to them. For example, drinking or using drugs could help you to postpone your real problems rather than finding a lasting solution to them.


Some of us are overwhelmed by their problems that they believe the only solution is to commit a suicide and “ends” the problems. Perhaps, that might sound so simple or easy a solution, but in reality, it is not only so. A suicide comes with aftereffects. Family, friends and loved ones are affected directly or indirectly. Life is not always hopeless as it appears to be; in most cases, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. However, to see that light, you must be strong enough and endure life challenges and fight to reach the end. It requires a huge of commitments and mental strength. If your living situation has come to the stage that you contemplate committing a suicide, you need a help – quickly and urgently.

At the end of the day, it is about your life. Life is what you make of it. You are the architect of your destiny through making the right choices in life. Definitely, seeking the help of a therapist – when needed – is part of those important choices, which could drastically change your life positively.

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