Will You Live Up To Your Dreams and Responsibilities In the Year 2019?

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2018 has come to an end. It is time to count your gains and losses. Time for a sober reflection. More than anything else, the end of the year means the end of a chapter in your life. While New Year comes with new life, it equally, brings one a step to their ultimate end. It means, logically speaking, that one does not have the luxury of time in this world. That calls for an economy of your time. You need to make wise decisions, as well as look back in the past and do away with those habits, issues you consider unproductive in your life. As we just entered the year 2019, the question you might ask yourself is “Am I living up to my responsibilities?” Well, no one is perfect; we all make mistakes. But we must learn from those wrong steps and infamous actions we have taken in our lives and try to be able to score a higher mark in the year 2019. That calls for a New Year Resolution. With this in mind, we have drawn up for you a New Year Resolution, which we strongly believe will bring a positive change in your life. Of course, the degree of impact the resolution could have on you depends on how you are able to implement it. At the end of the day, you are the architect of your life and destiny because life is what you make it. Here we go:

Look back and be more grateful.

Yes, 2018 is behind you; you perhaps, had some wishes, expectations, goals, and ambitions you feel you did not achieve. It is natural you may be disappointed, but have you thought about those who started the 2018 journey with you but could, unfortunately, not make it to the year 2019? Once there is life, there is hope. Those who made it in life are those who refused to give up despite frustrations and setbacks. Do you know that studies have repeatedly proved that gratitude can contribute 25% of your happiness? That means you can be amazingly 25% happier, simply by reflecting back on those good things you have achieved in life – including good health. Be grateful that you are alive and continue from where you stopped in 2018.

Positive attitude towards life

You basically cannot achieve much in life without a positive attitude towards life. Your positive attitude is the ultimate key to new possibilities. A positive attitude makes you more resilient and it can even prolong your life. Yes, life comes with ups and downs, but the most important thing in life is to learn from those downs and make the ups better. Your disappointments or challenges should be your teacher or classroom where you learn from. Be positive despite all the obstacles. Naturally, those hurdles on the road could slow you down, but never allow them to hold you up. With a positive attitude to life, you will surely reach your destination. Make it your New Year resolution to greet your setbacks with a smile and remain positive, regardless.

Map out your goal and strategies on how to achieve them.

Life without goals and ambition is an aimless and unclear journey. You must first know exactly what you want in life, set out your goals, and above all, the strategies to achieve those goals.

Eat healthy and wise.

You can only achieve your life dreams if you are healthy. A healthy person is a productive one. Eat healthy and wise. Change your bad eating habit. Better eat simple, frequently, but a small portion than to eat, but once a mountainous portion.  Eat fewer calories and go for more vegetables, fruits and those foods with fewer calories. This helps you to lose weight and avoid dangerous sicknesses like diabetes, heart diseases, some cancer. More than that, exercise frequently.

Move More.

Move! Move!! And move!!! The more you sweat and burn those unhealthy calories, the healthier you are. How or when you move doesn’t matter much, but just must move. It is recommended that you take at least 10,000 steps a day; you could do that alone or with friends, in a team. What about that samba and Zumba classes? Why not take the steps to your office instead of that fast lift?  You will be surprised how those movements (walking, jogging, walking out etc) help prevent depression.

 Make Peace the Centre of Your Life.

Be at peace first with yourself. Make peace with your family, neighbours and those around you. Peace means more inner peace, contentment, and serenity. That ability to forgive and make peace is a skill that frees you from guilt and shame. You’d be surprised how radically life will change, positively if you forgive yourself and others and indeed make peace the centre of your life.

Enjoy the Little Things.

Honestly, you don’t really need to be financially rich to enjoy life. It all depends on your attitude towards what you set out to enjoy. Once you have learned to appreciate life, you will find out that you can live life to the fullest, simply by doing those little things you enjoy. They could be taking a walk, swimming, relaxing in a quiet park, reading; wherever your interest lies, try your best to enjoy it to the fullest.

Learn something new.

Life is full of endless dreams and aspirations. What have you always wanted to learn to do? To learn how to play an instrument? Do you want to learn to take photos, write articles, knit? With the millions of information online, you simply have no excuses not to try a new skill because the possibilities are simply endless.

Build and Maintain Your Personal Relationship.

No one lives in an isolation, nor is anyone an island. You need good and reliable friends to make life meaningful. For the sake of clarity: reliable friends. It is easy to make friends, but difficult to find reliable ones. So try to strengthen your personal relationship. Let your close friends be part of your New Year agenda. Remember, you need friends in good and bad times – especially in bad time.

Don’t get Enslaved to phone

The advancement of technology has come with technological addiction. From being addicted to our phone to our laptop and TV, numerous studies have repeatedly shown that phone addiction can lead to health hazards. Some of these research works show that constant use of mobile phones could lead to much transmission of dangerous rays to your body. Sometimes give your smartphone a rest. Decide until what time to access your phone and switch it off in the evening – especially 2 hours before you sleep. That helps you to rest your mind and brain. Tomorrow is another day. All those funny jokes and messages on your WhatsApp can wait until tomorrow. Try this and you’d see how peaceful your mind will be.

Read a book

Reading helps you think in another perspective and widens your social cognition. It equally challenges your brain and thoughts. Make it a duty to read at least one book per month – no matter how small the volume is. If your pocket is not strong enough to buy one, borrow from the library.

Grow your food if possible

Imagine how independent and economical you could be, eating your own self-grown maize, beans, cassava, banana, tomatoes. With a few shillings, you can purchase a packet of seeds and plant them. Thank God, even though some of us who rather live a challenging life in big cities instead of enjoying the serenity of the village/upcountry,  we have free land in our villages, which we can easily cultivate and have free food. The land is very fertile, you have excellent weather; what else do you need? More than that, your self – grown crops are organic and not contaminated with chemicals. Grow your food today – no matter how small it is.

Save for the Raining Day

Life is unpredictable, so you must prepare for unexpected eventualities. That calls for saving for the raining day. You don’t have to first rub shoulders with the likes of Dangote before you start saving. Even a meagre couple of shillings per month could do the magic and save you from unexpected difficulties.

Let the elderly know you care for them

What goes up comes down. We all grow old; one day it will be your turn. You are what you are today because someone took care of you. No elderly person should be abandoned. They deserve our love. You don’t have to leave your work and relocate to stay with your elderly relative, but a visit once in a while could greatly change their life. Do not visit them empty-handed. Just a bag of fruits you have bought at the roadside could fetch you uncountable blessing from your elderly family member and perhaps prolong their life. One day you will be old and expect the same treatment from the young ones.

Try to Change the life of others positively

Every human being is blessed with a special talent – no matter your position. You don’t need to be rich or educated to enjoy this natural gift. It is expected that you use your talent to change the lives of others positively. Sadly, the greatest percentage of the problems facing the world today is because human beings misuse their talents. Some people misuse their talents because of selfishness, yet others do same due to non-chancy or inability to discover their talent. If you are rich today and you don’t use your resources to help the underprivileged, then your riches are useless. If your talent is to give a positive advice to others, there are many out there that need your talent. Every life you change positively today makes the world a better and safer place.

Pray In Your Own Words

Whether you believe in God, Allah, deity, and you strongly believe they have a positive influence in your life, pray to them. Research has shown that many people strongly believe that religion is very important to them. Definitely, developing a relationship with a higher power is not only important but highly encouraged. More than that, such a close relationship with the higher being could help create peace and love amongst us.

Respect Women

Until we all realise that women contribute immensely to the society, we cannot make a tangible progress in our society. Women are an irreplaceable asset in our society. From giving us life, taking care of the kids and home, life without women is incomplete. Unfortunately, different cultures have illogically relegated women to an appendix to men, which only encourages discrimination, violence against and disrespect for them. This must stop. Human beings are born equal, as such, they must be treated so. As a man, make it your New Year resolution to not only appreciate women but to equally show unconditional respect for them. This way, you get a reciprocal respect from women. 

Listen and think before you act

A good listener avoids unnecessary mistakes and regrets. This calls for your skill and dedication. More than that, your communication partner respects and appreciates you more if they believe you listen to what they have to say. Listening well gives you the opportunity to think well before acting. In many cases, you avoid being held responsible for careless statements. Listening is a silent gold.

Love and respect one another.

Love is the greatest medicine that can cure some of our many social problems. Yes, we might be born with different genders, we might have different religions, education, culture, political ideology or sexual orientations, love binds us together. Love, backed up with tolerance and respect can do more miracles and create more progress in the society than you think.

Get Your Documents In Order.

Avoid unnecessary problems and conflicts by keeping proper documentation. Go out today and buy a file and get your documents in order. You could save your children and loved ones some unnecessary disagreement, but making your personal Will and a letter of instruction ready and prepared by a professional lawyer.  This way, neither you nor your beloved ones is taken unawares.

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Happy New Year!!

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