World Suicide Prevention Day: Nza Wants to Commit Suicide

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As the United Nations Organization celebrates the World Suicide Prevention day on 10th September, efforts are being made to create awareness of the danger of suicide, the third leading cause of death among people of the productive age of 14 to 44 years. With more than 800,000 suicide deaths globally, WHO encourages people to offer support to combat suicide. Amongst others, showing care and concern to suicide-vulnerable individuals and taking their problems seriously could do much to prevent losing innocent ones to suicide.

At Kata Kata Village, these preventive measures are sometimes neglected. Even though, Nza Agama`s son seems to have a legitimate reason to make one worry that he could be a suicide victim, Agama, the father clearly ignores or underestimates this danger. Sadly, Agama`s unsympathetic attitude coupled with, isolation, disconnection in life and lack of social connection could be destructive ingredients for suicide. Definitely, our positive attitude towards others could save many valuable lives.

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