Your Local Hijacker Has Something To Say

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 HUMOUR FACTORY: Your Local Hijacker Has Something To Say


 Just when you thought you heard it all, this hijacker has something to get off his chest.

The town of  Windwill mostly consist of motorists who drive stick and this hijacker prefers to go after drivers with an automatic transmission.

However, it’s deeply saddening to know that almost ninety-five percent drive a manual transmission in the small town.

The hijacker who would like to remain anonymous said that its just making his life a living hell and he doesn’t appreciate the way the community is behaving and that they are just doing this on purpose, his thinking of relocating to somewhere he would feel more welcomed.

A good suggestion came from a passerby that said the hijacker should just get some driving lessons on how to drive a manual or even use Youtube.

‘’His just lazy’’ said the man as he revered his car and drove off.


  • Romano