Zimbabwe Boils: War Veterans Break Rangs With President Mugabe and Attack him

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President Robert Mugabe’s closet and most dedicated ally, the Zimbabwe’s war veterans’ association, has not only released a damning statement withdrawing its support for him; it has equally called him a liar and selfish dictator and urged him to leave the political arena urgently.

The war veterans hold the 92 year old President Mugabe, who has been in power for 36 years, fully responsible for the ills in the society, according to them, due to his “dictatorial tendencies, egocentrism and misrule.“ Other opponents have openly demanded that Mugabe must account for the $15 billion diamond money, allegedly siphoned from the Chiadzwa diamond field.

The only strong institutions so far, which are yet to call President Mugabe bluff are the security and Grace Mugabe; and there is a strong growing indication that the former might soon join the queue of dissidents.

Now that most of President Mugabe’s allies are strongly calling for his resignation, what is the best political solution for Zimbabwe?