Zimbabwe: Former Vice-President Mujuru launches her Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) Party

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After being in the Zanu PF ruling party for 35 years, the former vice-president, Joice Mujuru of Zimbabwe, launched her Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) party last week.

With the launch of the new ZPF party, Dr Joice Mujuru, who was dismissed from the Zanu PF party for allegedly plotting to overthrow President Mugabe, has taken a bold political step. Together with her colleagues, most of them, disenchanted former members of the Zanu PF party, Mujuru and members of the new party, have courageously stroke a finger inside the anus of a leopard. They have visibly come out to challenge the authority of President Mugabe as well as take over power from the 92 year old President, who has been in power for more since 35 years ago. The launch of Mujuru`s ZPF cannot come at a better time, with the Zanu PF ruling party camped with succession acrimonies.

Definitely, having a multi ““ party system is healthy ““ especially in the African political landscape. However, many questions remain unanswered regarding Mujuru`s latest political move. With the birth of the new Zimbabwe People First (ZPF), and as the name suggests, for that matter, some have wondered whether Mujuru really believes that Zimbabweans did not come first the last 35 when she was in Zanu PF and rose to the become the vice-president. If yes, could she have been part of the problems, having been at the political apex of the ruling party for years? Worse still, being close to President Mugabe for so long, why would Mrs Mujuru believe that Zimbabweans` would see her as a saint, some wonder? Could it be that Joice Mujuru is on a political revenge journey, aimed at showing her discontent for her mistreatment and being sent to the political exile by Mugabe? Could it be that Mujuru is in fact, fighting for her political, and some would say, economic survival? Some believe she needs to be in power to protect her family business interests? Others strongly see Joice Mujuru as an honest, committed politician, who wants to correct the mistakes the ruling party has made.

Whatever her motives may be,  the launch of the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) might come with some serious consequences ““ if one could use President Mugabe`s political reactions to political challenges in the last 35 years as a barometer. From fabricated allegations, ugly exposures, court cases, arrests to other (political) intimidations, the Zimbabwean political water can be swampy with hungry crocodiles and teeth gnashing sharks, waiting to devour their prey. The question is, can Mujuru`s new Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) sail the shark infested Zimbabwean political water or will it die a natural death or go into political oblivion  like other opposition parties before hers? Some have argued that Dr Joice Mujuru is a tested hard skinned political mahogany; so are some of her colleagues in the new party, many believe. Let us hope so.

Definitely, “predictability“ is the last word you can find in the Zimbabwean political lexicology.


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Photo: telegraph.co.uk