Our Objectives

Our team at Kata Kata is driven with the desire to achieve the following among others :

Kata Kata
  • Discussing and disseminating typical African/global social problems.
  • Sending important messages across using content such as cartoons, illustrated stories, animated videos, and magazines in an educational, informative, and humorous manner.
  • Offering therapy for problems through humorous content.
  • Carefully creating content so that both educated and non-educated readers understand it and can reach the grassroots level.
  • Sending core messages to the grassroots by adding local language, slang, and phrases aimed at behavioral changes.
  • Empowering and creating opportunities for local communities by actively engaging and working with them to make the dream a reality.
  • Partnering with companies, donors, NGOs, and well-wishers to implement community development projects that address various socioeconomic challenges faced by vulnerable communities in the countries where we are situated.
  • Empowering local community members in various developmental aspects of their lives by letting them lead the projects implemented in their community, ensuring the sustainability of the interventions being done.


We use our humorous but educational content to sensitize social problems and harmful practices that hinder development in a society; by so doing, we create attitudinal changes amongst the target groups. Furthermore, by engaging the locals in addressing the social problems, we create opportunities and empower the community.