Our Objectives

Our team at Kata Kata is driven with the desire to achieve the following among others :

Kata Kata

  • To discuss and disseminate typical African / global social problems.
  • Using our content (cartoons, illustrated stories, animated videos, magazine), we send important messages across in an educational, informative and yet, humorous manner.
  • We offer therapy for problems through comic content.

  • To carefully create our content in a way that it is understood by both educated and non-educated readers so that it can reach the grass-root level..
  • To send our core messages across to the grass-roots; we achieve this by adding local language, slang and phrases, aimed at behavioural changes.


We use our humorous but educational content to sensitize social problems and harmful practices that hinder development in the society; by so doing, we create attitudinal changes amongst the target groups